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Cadet Award for Bravery

The Cadet Award for Bravery may be awarded to a cadet who preforms an outstanding deed of valour involving risk of life in attempting to save the live or property of others

Former 1596 Cadet, Master Warrent Officer William Bowen is a recipient of this award. Click Here

Duke of Edinburgh Award


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Lord Strathcona Medal


The Lord Strathcona Medal (LSM) is the highest Award which can be bestowed upon a Cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training.  The Medal and the accompanying Certificate of Merit are awarded by the Lord Strathcona Trust. The issue and wearing of the LSM is authorized by the Chief of the Defence Staff. Each Army Cadet Corp may award one Medal in each training year, but the award of the Medal is to be based solely on the availability of a worthy candidate. Awarding the LSM annually is not mandatory and should not be a matter of custom for a particular appointment or by seniority alone. The Corp Commanding Officer determines whether a LSM should be awarded each year, but he is encouraged to seek the recommendations of the Corp Sponsoring Committee. The LSM is provided through the Area Cadet Officer, and is presented by the Reviewing Officer at the corp’s annual ceremonial review.

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