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Cadets Information

What to Bring:

  1. Prior to arrival, all participants must complete the Ontario COVID-19 School Screening(Green Check Mark) ( )

  2. Health Card

  3. A parent/guardian/adult to sign Annual Validation forms at the end of the evening

  4. Notebook 

  5. Pen/Pencil

  6. Water bottle

  7. Loaned Equipment - return anything that is not being used. (Skis, Pipes/ Drums)



  1. Email and the website will be our source of communication and provides easy access to cadet information.

  2. Event and activities will have all information posted in the calendar. Information on the website is constantly changing it is very important that you are verifying information before attending cadet events as well as listening to announcements on Wednesday nights. The website address is

  3. Note the tab at the top of the pages called 'The Vault'. This is a password protected page that is for cadets and their parents use only. For security reasons and for the protection of our cadets, DO NOT SHARE THIS PASSWORD with anyone, including your fellow cadets. It is important that we have their up to date information. 

  4. The password for the vault is: Tartan1596  

  5. When we have, Virtual training will be conducted through CADET365; further direction will be sent weekly with updates 

  6. Forms that must be complete (handed out Wednesday Sept 7th) 

  7. Annual Validation – please ensure you name, address, phone number and email are correct. This would be any and all emails for both cadet and parent

  8. Detail Health Questionnaire – only attached if required. Not all cadets will require one. These must be handed in-person. Drop off will be at the armories' on Wednesday before September 30th.

  9. Code of Conduct – the cadet must read, sign and returned. 


Reporting Absences, Transferring or Leaving

  1. Reporting Absences: If you are unable to attend training, send an email to with you Rank, Last Name and reason for absence.

  2. Transferring; If you wish to continue the program with another unit, please send us a email with the name of the unit and city that you are looking to switch over to.

  3. Leaving; If you no longer wish to continue with the program, please send an email to the same address above. If you have any equipment or uniforms belonging to 1596, please return that at your earliest convivences

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