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1596 Army Cadets Corps prides itself on maintaining excellence in the standards of our uniform.  Here are some documents which will guide you to achieving the very best possible appearance.

Dress Regulations CATO 46-01

This is the overall document describing all aspects of a cadet's uniform and his/her appearance.  Every Cadet should read it.

Annex A - Numbered Dress

This document  describes all the various uniform codes such as C1, C2 and so on.

Annex D - Badges

Here you can see a complete list of all of the badges and pins that could be worn on the uniform, and perhaps more importantly, which badges you can earn!

Annex F - Illustrated References

This document illustrates where to sew on your badges, how to wear you hair and beret, how to lace your boots, proper placement of pins and medals and much more.

Some helpful hints:


  • Always, always, always press your uniform!

  • To prevent your uniform from going shiny, do not use too much heat and consider using a pressing cloth when ironing

  • Always press both collars (tunic and light green shirt)

  • Sew your badges on straight and to standard (see Annex D)

  • Remove threads

  • De-lint your beret

  • Press a sharp crease in your pants

  • Males, make sure you have a clean hair cut

  • Females, make sure your hair is tied back in a bun and there are no hair wisps

  • Shine your boots! 


Field Training Uniform (FTU) Guide

Click here to view the guide about how to wear and care for your FTU's and boots.

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