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Cadets in the News

Aug. 16, 2022

Cadets learn water safety at Expedition camp

CTV News

The responsibility of cadets are numerous, and often provide a service to the community.

Now in order to meet the moment when it comes, regular training is, of course required to make sure all cadets are up to par to meet the standards of the industry.

“(We) try to communicate with the team that’s upside down,” said army cadet, Charles-Henri Cote at the Port Severn camp on Monday.

“Try to put their canoe onto your canoe by flipping it over – I think that’s the most challenging part,” he said.

Cadets from Blackdown were at Six Mile Lake today learning how to handle canoes in all conditions.

It’s part of a five-day expedition that includes hiking and mountain biking.

“We’ve had cadets from the entire country come here to have these experiences,” said army spokesperson Capt. Natalie Hull

The exercise on the water is just about as much as intangibles as it is physical skills.

“It’s just leadership and personal opportunity for the cadets. When you start out not being able to paddle a canoe, and then you finish your day able to rescue someone else in a canoe, the sense of accomplishment is fantastic,” Hull said.

“This is really trying to focus on trying to build a team, so trying to focus on each member, trying to do their own part,” said Cote.

“They also get to learn all the soft skills around communication, reflection, the experiential learning cycle and how to get along as a member of a team,” Hull said.

For people like Charles-Henri Cote, who wants a career in the military, the cadet program – which is free and open to anyone aged 12 to 18 with no experience required – is a perfect way to spend the summer.

“We have access to all of this, and the equipment is issued to us. I think it’s a great opportunity for people who don’t have the option to do that themselves. You can just join the cadets, and you will get a chance to do it with your corps during summer training,” said Cote.

The expedition team member course wraps up Friday with a graduation ceremony before cadets take their newfound skills back to their home corps, where they typically meet one night a week.

Aug 10, 2022

Local cadets train in skills camp in Guelph

CTV News

Dozens of local cadets are putting their skills to the test in Guelph this week.

The Guelph Cadet Activity Program is preparing the group of young people to spend a few nights out in the wilderness, while teaching them some valuable life lessons.

The 12 and 13-year-old cadets, along with the staff cadets in their upper teens, will take part in an overnight outdoor adventure.

“[It’s] a camp for four days, three overnights and they’ll be experiencing canoeing, swimming, orienteering,” said Capt. Scott Gibbons with the Cadet Activity Program.

From working on their fitness, to team navigation skills through geocaching, all of it will be on display at the Guelph Navy League building as part of a two-week summer training program.

Gibbons said he thinks the biggest takeaway that the cadets get from this program is the relationships established over the years.

While the physical skills are a focal point, the life skills acquired through these programs are a secondary benefit.

“It doesn’t teach you just Canadian Armed Forces skills, it teaches you life skills too,” said Christopher Price, Cadet & Flight Corporal.

For others, it can be a time to grow and discover who they are.

“For me, it built a sense of who I was,” said Halei Tester, a staff cadet. “I really found myself within the cadet program and was able to build from that. I learned skills I probably would’ve never learned. I’m getting opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten. “

The Canadian Armed Forces doesn’t have to be the end goal once the cadets graduate from the program.

“Some of our cadets do go into the Canadian Armed Forces, however other cadets may choose to go to civilian applications and that’s fantastic,” said Capt. Gibbons.

February 01, 2017

Cadets snag medals at competition

Adam Jackson with The Waterloo Chronicle

Kitchener cadets William Bowen and Indigo Skinner won silver for the male open team category, while Lance Abbott and Jasper Skinner won bronze for the male junior team category at the Highlands Nordic Centre for the 2017 area cadet biathlon competition.

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